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a faster recovery.
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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF Therapy) uses electromagnetic fields to transmit unique signals into the body. The technology utilizes magnetically induced electrical coils to transmit the signals deep into the tissues, influencing biological systems at the cellular level.

PEMF is the safe, effective and drug-free option for any horse health and wellness program. We invite you to consider our wide range of Activo-Med products from single components to full body sets.


The Wave-Light-Pulse (WLP) system combines a pulsating magnetic field with our unique Wave-Light-Pulse technology to treat injuries. Our WLP system delivers deep penetration into the muscle tissue without generating unwanted heat, which increases the chance of further damaging the tissue. Our technology is available in multiple formats for convenient application.


The intensity and the frequency of the WLP system is regulated by the multifunction control unit and can be set parallel to the PEMF, allowing both treatments to be used simultaneously. The Wave-Light-Pulse System acts as a complimentary support system, aiding in the intense process of targeting special hard to reach areas.

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Your horses work hard for you and deserve the best care in return. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you are providing them with the latest advances in technology from a proven manufacturer of equine wellness products.

Our products are currently utilized by some of the world’s top equine professionals who have kindly provided us with testimonials.

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