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For more than 20 years, Activo-Med has been a premium manufacturer of training and therapy support products in the equestrian world. We are a world leader in research, design and development of pulsed magnetic therapies and aqua training aids for the equine athlete.


Our extensive product lines include professional training equipment such as the walk, trot and gallop treadmills. We are also the makers of wellness SPAs along with multi-floors, utilizing vibration, weight and magnetic field technologies. Request a call today for more information on any of our additional training and therapy product lines.

Activo-Med is the highest-ranking brand among top international equestrian professionals across all disciplines

The Blanket with Two Forms of Therapy

Our best-selling product, the Pulsed ElectroMagnetic (PEMF) Blanket, is the blanket with two therapy forms. Utilizing both pulsed electromagnetic and massage in single use or in combination.

  • Settings in the programs include: time, magnetic frequency and intensity, massage time and intensity. All settings and programs can be adjusted to the needs of the individual horse and to follow a therapy plan designed by a vet or equine therapist.
  • Our magnetic field strength is designed specifically for horses and to penetrate the body deeply for maximum benefit. Our magnet spools offer a strength of up to 1.40m allowing for a penetration strength of up to 7800 Microtesla or 78 Gauss.
  • All of our blankets used with a battery are permitted for use on all international FEI competitions in all disciplines.
  • Applicators are evenly distributed on both sides of the blanket to ensure all areas of the body are treated.
  • Our control unit has 18 different programs and 8 sequence set-ups which are all fully adjustable in every setting.
  • The magnetic applicators can be removed easily for washing the blanket (max 86 °F)

The combination of pulsed magnetic field and massage therapy produces the following effects

Eases and warms up back muscles (cold back)

Improved muscle and body blood flow

Relax nervous horses

Improved regeneration after physical training and competition

Preventative treatment against injuries of the musculoskeletal system

Improved bone healing, including fractures

Improved tendon and ligament healing

Improved circulation and treatment of pulmonary issues

A visibly healthier and happier horse

When not to use PEMF

  • During pregnancy
  • Severe fungal diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Fever and tumor developments

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