Activo-Med Products

What is the difference between PROFESSIONAL and RELAX lines?

PROFESSIONAL and RELAX lines of Activo-Med products have different types of control units – Professional and Compact respectively. (please note that Compact computer has two types: W01 & W02 applicable for different products).


PROFESSIONAL blanket has 14 magnetic spools, RELAX blanket has 8 magnetic spools.


PROFESSIONAL blanket automatically comes with the neck extension, RELAX blanket can be purchased with the neck extension, called RELAX PLUS COMBI BLANKET, or without one, called RELAX COMBI BLANKET.

Do I need to buy a new computer every time when I’m expanding my Activo-Med products collection?

There are 3 types of control units in Activo-Med system: Professional, Compact W01 and Compact W02. When purchasing a new product make sure to check the type of the control unit necessary to operate it. If you already own the right one you don’t need to purchase the computer again.

How do I wash Activo-Med products?

All Activo-Med products are practical and easily washable at 30 ° C or 90° Fahrenheit. All magnetic field applicators can be easily removed.


All components are made of robust, tear-resistant materials and are of high quality. and easily withstand the stresses of everyday life.